Thank you for your interest in being a seller at Shirley Jumble Trail on 6 June 2021 from 11am - 3pm.

To sign up as a seller -

Enter your personal details to register for our email list, making sure you answer the What I'm Selling question.

Are you receiving an Error message? Great, this means you've already subscribed to event info, you now need to complete your registration as a seller by clicking 'Click here to update your profile'. 

Once you've done this, your info will be uploaded to the Trail Map shortly. (Be patient, the map is updated periodically).

Check you're on there, and start planning your sale e.g. how you'll display your goods etc.

You can go back in and edit the info about what you're selling, but avoid doing this too many times as it'll get confusing for buyers. 

It's that simple. You can sell whatever you want - I just advise you avoid selling valuables and anything illegal. 

To get buyers to visit your stall - 

Join our Facebook group for help with how to promote your sale.

Thank you

The organiser
Shirley Jumble Trail
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Please tell us about the kinds of things you're selling e.g. plants, kids toys
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