Welcome to BESA.

Please complete one form per person (e.g. one for Service person and one for spouse or partner). Once completed, you will be added to the BESA email list and, if requested, to the Facebook groups.

You will be removed from the list 3 months after the end of tour date that you give us. If you extend in post please let us know so that we can update your details. 

If you would like adding to either of the Facebook pages please tick the boxes and send a friend request to Monie Penny using this link from your Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/monet.penny.988/

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Your Facebook Profile Link can be found in your Facebook Profile Settings. BESA Memberships will 'friend' you in order to add you to the BESA Facebook Groups. You will then be 'unfriended' from BESA Memberships once added.

BESA will use the information you provide to email you about Area, Service and general BESA events and activities. It will also give you access to the BESA Facebook Pages. Please confirm below that you are happy to receive BESA emails.

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